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Custom Orders

We love to do custom work, since it gives us the opportunity to work with wonderful cosplayers and create a truly unique experience. Should you like our work and want something all your own, please send us a message using our contact form with what you would like done. We will get back to you with an estimate if your project is feasible. Keep in mind we receive a lot of requests and can only tackle a select few, and we may close custom orders at any time once we reach our quota.


CosPartners is a partnership program we offer to up and coming cosplayers where we network together with several other big name cosplayers to increase exposure for everyone, while also supplying props for photo shoots and cosplays. We are always looking to help promote quality talent! If you have a following and would like to talk with us about the CosPartners program, please use our contact form. Keep in mind we cannot take on everyone, so several aspects of your work will be looked at. 

General Inquiry

Loot Cave Co loves to hear from its fans! Drop us a line here with any questions, or just to chat. Alternatively email us at We take extra care with meeting all concerns you may have and directly address them within 3-5 business days.