Zelda Pins *Majoras Mask, Ocarina, Hylian Sheild* Legend of Zelda Zelda Pins *Majoras Mask, Ocarina, Hylian Sheild* Legend of Zelda
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Zelda Pins *Majoras Mask, Ocarina, Hylian Shield* Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Nintendo/Zelda Gift


These Pins were designed for the true Zelda lover, elegant and detailed so that you can show off your fandom perfectly. Whether at ZeldaCon or walking the streets of Hyrule square, you can show off your fandom anyway you Like. Choose from the Demonic Majoras mask, the time bending Ocarina, or the ageless Hylian Shield. Whichever you choose, its sure to make heads turn!

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Each of our collectible pins is hand crafted with quality and care as our main priority. They start out as hand sculpted models that are then molded and cast with a special crystal resin and metal powder mix. This cast is then cleaned and aged using a method that brings out the design out to a shiny finish and leaves the piece with an antiqued feel. Each one is cleaned and secured to hypoallergenic pin using super strong adhesive, leaving the finish piece lightweight and durable!

Item Details:

  • Handmade in small batches with quality in mind
  • Majoras mask Length: 18 mm Width: 20 mm
  • Hylian shield Length: 20 mm Width: 17 mm
  • Ocarina Length: 15 mm Width: 25 mm
  • Each pin is made just right to accent any pack, hat or tie you want to use it with
  • Made of a super durable Crystal Resin infused with aluminum
  • Hand aged to the perfect look, emphasizing the gleam of the metal
  • Flat back to sit comfortably on chest or belongings

Forged from a passion for video games and anime, Loot Cave Co was born for us to work hard to provide people things they will treasure through our creativity. From our home workshop to your mailbox, we strive to create beautifully designed products that bring your favorite video games and anime to life. 

**DISCLAIMER: Each piece we make is a handmade fan inspired creation. Every product falls under artistic licences and is not directly affiliated with the company that owns the original work. Each piece is inspired by the work of the company that owns the IP and I have no ownership of anything but my artistic creations.

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